Post introducing Math with Malik

Let’s do this thing!~

Hi there, I’m a 38 year old pizza man with a fantastic stepson named Malik whos learning differences made learning grade 9 math extra challenging. It was really frustrating for me that I didn’t know how to help, so I created this tool to help me help him.

This system helped to get him to the finish line, and we thought it might be handy for someone else. It is very important to remember this guide is not a  replacement for a professional educator, it was developed to just help a person who cares to teach math concepts to someone who is having a hard time. It can be used by anyone for that purpose.

This form will create 2 different Guides.

The First Guide will be one for the parent/helper/teacher working with the student. It will be broken down into 6 sections:

Section 1: Background Info
Section 2: Barriers that might come up
Section 3: Strategies to help
Section 4: Real Life Examples
Section 5: Answers to the Sample Questions
Section 6: Reference Sheet

The Second Guide will be directed towards the student, with some information on the concept being explained in a positive way and then some sample questions to practice with.

While in Beta mode, the charge is only 5$ to use the system, with the hope you will give some feedback after (you will receive an email with a feedback link)

Anyone who tries out the Beta version will have a discounted option for the final version as a thankyou for helping.


When you are entering the subject matter, it is optimized to handle something like: “calculate the area of a Trapezoid”.

You CAN go as granular as asking it a specific math question, or as broad as a whole subject, it may not work quite as I intended, but will likely help.

This project is ongoing, so there will be tweaks and changes pretty frequently. The next version will be focused on whole curriculums. If your family or school would benefit from something similar or of a different scale, just ask and we can likely work it in.