Explaining Grade 7 Ontario Math for 12 year old dealing with ADHD

For Parent

Grade 7 Ontario Math: Explaining to the Parent of a 12 Year Old with ADHD

Grade 7 Ontario Math covers a broad range of mathematical skills and topics, including operations with rational numbers, proportional reasoning, operations with fractions, linear equations and linear relations, solving equations and inequalities, circular geometry, and probability and statistics. By understanding these concepts, students will be able to think logically, analyze situations, and solve problems in everyday life.

Issues the 12 Year Old may Face with Math and ADHD

1. Poor Short-Term Memory: A child with ADHD may have difficulty remembereding facts, equations and calculations.

2. Difficulty Focusing: A child with ADHD may lose focus easily, resulting in much wasted time.

3. Difficulty Followig Instructions: A child with ADHD may find it difficult to process information from the teacher in the form of lecture and written instruction.

4. Need for Additional Stimulation: A child with ADHD may need more visual or interactive activities from which to form an understanding of the material.

5.Difficulty Connecting Facts: A child with ADHD may have difficulty connecting facts of equations in order to solve them.

Helping the Child Overcome These Issues

1. Poor Short-Term Memory: Provide a structured approach to learning, such as breaking the material into chunks, visual cues and breaks, and summarizing periodically.

2. Difficulty Focusing: Utilize technology to keep the child engaged in the lesson. Alos provide a monitored break after a period of focus to maintain motivation.

3. Difficulty Followig Instructions:Give instructions, rather than extended passages of information. Make sure to review instructions, provide visual cues, and check understanding throughout the process.

4. Need for Additional Stimulation: Supplement traditional assignments with activities such as role-playing, drawing and video clips.

5. Difficulty Connecting Facts: break the equation into understanding chunks and provide visual cues to help the child link concepts.

Best Practices for Helping the Child Absorb The Information

1. Structured Learning: Provide a structured approach to learning based on specific learning objectives and a progression of activities.

2. Visual Supports: Use diagrams, illustrations, maps and diagrams to aid visual understanding and provide visual cues when explaining concepts.

3. Interactive Exercises: Provide interactive and game-like exercises that allow the child to engage in meaningful practice.

4. Multisensory Education: Employ a multisensory approach that engages the child’s senses and uses visual, auditory, and tactile activities to facilitate understanding.

5. Positive Reinforcement: Consistently reinforce correct answers and praise the child’s effort.

Equation for Grade 7 Ontario Math

Linear Equation: y = mx + b

Where ‘m’ is the slope of the line and ‘b’ is the y-intercept of the line.

For Youth

Hey there! I understand that math can be hard sometimes and that it can be even harder if you have ADHD. Grade 7 math in Ontario involves learning about things like ratios, fractions and algebra. Ratios are mathematical expressions that describe the relationship between two numbers. Fractions are parts of a whole number, like 1/2 is half a number. Algebra is working with numbers that have variables, like x+1=4.

I understand it can be hard to stay focused and remember what to do when learning math, so here are some tips that may help. First, break big challenges into smaller parts and only focus on one part at a time. Also, when working on a problem, keep track of your progress along the way. If you get confused, try using color to highlight different steps of the problem. Finally, take breaks between problems so you can take a few deep breaths, move around and refocus.

These tips may help you understand and complete math problems, but don’t forget to be patient and take one step at a time. Math can be tricky, and it’s okay to make mistakes! I hope this helps, and good luck with math!