Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight Recipe

Our Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight, the result of the listed recipe.

With the wonderful combination of frangelico and vodka, and the sweet chocolatey touch from creme de cocoa and half and half, this delightful concoction will certainly impress. The drink is sweet, creamy and with a luxurious garnish of shaved chocolate and hazelnut pieces this is an ideal drink for a special occasion. Enjoy this delicious Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight!

Prepping a Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight


Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight!:

• 1 oz. frangelico
• ¾ oz. vodka
• ½ oz. creme de cocoa
• 2 oz. half and half
• Shaved chocolate & Hazelnut pieces to garnish

1. Fill an old-fashioned glass with ice.
2. Pour in the frangelico, vodka, creme de cocoa, and half and half into the glass.
3. Stir until the ingredients are well-combined.
4. Garnish the drink with shaved pieces of chocolate and hazelnut.
5. Enjoy!

A Sweet & Delicious Treat – Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight

Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight is a great concoction for any special occasion. With a combination of frangelico and vodka, creme de cocoa and half and half, this creation is definitely something special. The sweet and creamy flavor of this drink will certainly make anyone’s day a little more special. With a delicious garnish of shaved chocolate and hazelnut pieces, this delightful treat will make your special event truly unforgettable.

Why People Love the Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight

The combination of flavors found in this beverage is something that many people enjoy. The sweetness of cocoa and hazelnut offers a gentle, not too overpowering kick to the drink. The fruity and nutty aroma of the frangelico and vodka also adds a unique layer of flavor. The creamy texture of the half and half and creme de cocoa adds richness to this drink, while the garnish of shaved chocolate and hazelnut pieces offers a decadent finish.

Making the Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight Alcohol-Free

This delicious beverage is easily made alcohol-free by omitting both the frangelico and vodka. You can replace the booze with non-alcoholic essence of hazelnut. You can also replace the half and half with a non-dairy replacement such as coconut milk or almond milk to make the drink vegan. You can also adjust the sweetness of the drink by adjusting the amount of creme de cocoa, depending on your preference.

A Special Occasion Made Even Sweeter

If you’re looking for something special to make your special occasion truly memorable, then Chocolate and Hazelnut Delight is the perfect choice. With its delicious combination of flavors and luxurious garnish, this drink will be a hit among everyone at your gathering. Whether you make it with alcohol for a special treat, or alcohol-free for a vegan friendly option, this drink is sure to make your special day truly special.

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