Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe

Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe

Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe

This classic French Dip sandwich is the perfect recipe for a cozy night in. Enjoy all of the smoky and savoury flavors from the roast beef and melted Swiss cheese perfectly balanced with the pungent Dijon mustard sauce, all on top of a warm and toasty French roll. Enjoy with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for a truly French night at home.

Dessert Prep


Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe!
– 2 Teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
– 2 Teaspoons Dijon Mustard
– 2 Pounds Deli Sliced Roast Beef
– 2 Large French Rolls
– 5 Ounces Swiss Cheese
– 2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
– 1 Yellow Onion
– Dash of Cayenne Pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Slice a yellow onion thinly and add it to a small bowl with olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, Dijon mustard, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Mix together until evenly coated.
3. Place onion mixture in a 9×13 inch baking dish and spread out evenly. Place roast beef slices on top of the onion mixture.
4. Bake in oven for 20 minutes, or until roast beef is warmed through and onions are tender.
5. Place rolls in oven and warm for 5 minutes.
6. Remove rolls and slices of Swiss cheese and craft the sandwiches. Put roast beef slices on each of the rolls, top with Swiss cheese, and replace the tops of the rolls.
7. Cut sandwiches in half and serve with the onion and beef mixture.

Pairing Wine: A crisp white Sauvignon Blanc would pair nicely with the dish.

Descriptive Paragraph:

Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe

This Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe is a classic and popular dish. A French dip sandwich is a hot beef sandwich consisting of beef, beef broth and some vegetables served on a French roll. The dish originated in Los Angeles sometime in the early 1900s and it has been becoming an increasingly popular choice ever since. People enjoy the quick and easy preparation combined with the classic flavors.

Adjusting to make the Recipe Gluten Free

When it comes to making adjustments to the Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe to make it gluten free, the most important change is to use a gluten free french roll. The remainder of the ingredients are generally considered gluten free which includes beef and beef broth. Other vegetables can also be added to the recipe. It is important to check before adding any vegetables in, to ensure they are gluten free.

Adjusting to make the Recipe Vegan

A vegan variation of the Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe can be created by using vegan beef alternatives. There are many vegan options available on the market to use in place of beef such as seitan, jackfruit, and tofu. These vegan options can be cooked in vegan beef broth or vegetable broth to further enhance the flavor. Additionally, it is also important to use a vegan french roll for the recipe.


The Ultimate French Dip Sandwich Recipe is a classic and popular sandwich that has been gaining in popularity over the years. With a few simple adjustments, the recipe can be adjusted to be gluten free and vegan. This recipe is a great choice for a quick and easy meal that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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