Smoky Lagavulin Sour Recipe

Our Smoky Lagavulin Sour, the result of the listed recipe.

This refreshing and smoky drink combines smoky Lagavulin whiskey with lemon juice and simple syrup for a tart and balanced cocktail delight. It is easy to make with just a few simple ingredients for the perfect summer evening refresher!

Prepping a Smoky Lagavulin Sour


Smoky Lagavulin Sour!
-2oz Lagavulin
-1oz Lemon juice
-1tsp Simple Syrup

1. To make Simple Syrup, bring equal parts sugar (1 cup) and water (1 cup) to a boil in a saucepan. Lower the heat, stir until the sugar has dissolved, and let simmer for 2 minutes.
2. Fill up a glass with 2-3 cubed ice cubes.
3. Pour 2oz Lagavulin, 1oz Lemon juice, and 1tsp Simple Syrup onto the ice.
4. Stir the drink thoroughly.
5. Enjoy your Smoky Lagavulin Sour!

Smoky Lagavulin Sour

The Smoky Lagavulin Sour is the perfect summer evening refresher. It is the perfect combination of smoky Lagavulin whiskey, lemon juice and simple syrup! This delicious and refreshing drink is surprisingly simple to make with just a few common ingredients. The tart lemon and smoky whiskey balance one another perfectly, offering a unique, delicious flavor.

What People Love About the Smoky Lagavulin Sour

There are many reasons why people love the Smoky Lagavulin Sour. The most obvious reason is the delicious flavor. The combination of smoky whiskey, tart lemon and sweet simple syrup creates an unexpected flavor that most people find delightful. Additionally, the simplicity of the recipe makes it easy for anyone to make. The recipe requires minimal effort and uses only a few common ingredients, making it quick to assemble and always accessible.

Making the Smoky Lagavulin Sour Alcohol-Free

The Smoky Lagavulin Sour recipe can be easily adjusted for those who want a non-alcoholic version. To make it alcohol-free, replace the whiskey with a rich lemon syrup or ginger tea. Replacing the whiskey with a rich syrup or tea maintains the smoky and tart flavors of the original recipe. Additionally, the drinks can be sweetened with a syrup or ginger beer. These alternatives provide a similar taste and level of complexity as the original.


The Smoky Lagavulin Sour is an easy and delicious cocktail that can be enjoyed by both alcohol-drinkers and non-alcohol-drinkers alike. The unique combination of smoky whiskey and tart lemon juice is balanced by a simple syrup, creating the perfect summer evening refresher. Those looking for an alcohol-free version can easily adjust the recipe by replacing the whiskey with a rich syrup or tea, while still enjoying all of the flavors of the original recipe.

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